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The Universe is Busy

I definitely owe Doug a coffee. Instead of joining my pity party about no-one reading my writing, Doug pointed out the bleedingly obvious; I don’t tell anyone about it. Apparently, I haven’t posted on my Facebook, Insta or Twitter accounts about my blog and website. I was somehow expecting the universe to just magically funnel readers to my site.


I have to confess, I rely on the universe to do a lot of things for me; give me story ideas, find my true love, direct traffic to my website, roster the hot bus driver onto my bus route (possibly related to point two). There are slightly more important things out there for the universe to be concentrating on right now. Maybe I need to give it a hand?


In the spirit of doing things differently I am going to post a link to this blog on all my socials and see if I get more than three readers.


This is much more difficult for me to do than it may appear because I know most of my friends don’t like science fiction or horror, so I worry they will hate what they read. But I need to realise that they might be interested in the journey of a spec fic writer trying to get published.


Everyone knows what it is like to have a dream, and maybe joining me on my quest will help motivate them to chase theirs? Or share their dreams? Not to mention that if my friends start asking me about how my writing is going, I'll feel obliged to do some. Carrot and stick.


Hmmm, maybe the Universe was working through Doug?

Cat on wall with full moon behind it -my old website header



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