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Ends and Beginnings

I wrote a weekly blog for over ten years. It was full of writing tips and the occasional funny medical story (I've had some weird issues over the years). In 2020 I shut it down because social media seemed to have killed the art of blogging and, quite frankly, I had an audience of three people. I swore I'd never bother with one again.

Just over two weeks ago I had to get my beautiful cat put down. She was 15 years old and had lived with me for the last 12 of them. I used to talk to her all the time, not about writing, just whatever I wanted to say that I couldn't share with the humans in my life. A lot of it I actually sang to her, because singing to your cat is not as crazy as talking to her -right? Anyway, now that she's gone I need another black hole to talk into, so the blog is re-born.

I'll try to keep it light. I'll also try to work out how I can pick a non-italicised font because this one is hideous to read! But right now I just want to say that I miss my cat. It's hard to be a crazy cat lady with no felines in the house. I'm still finding plenty of her fur though.

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